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MPower: Advanced alarm database and account management

MPower Alarm Dealer Access by COPS Monitoring


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Alarm Monitoring Dealer AccessMPower™
MPower is a powerful alarm database and account management tool that is free to all COPS Monitoring customers. MPower is specifically designed to "MPower" alarm dealers by providing tools that are timesaving, simple, and convenient. With MPower, you are instantly empowered with the ability to do nearly everything except monitor your own accounts (though you CAN watch your signals as they are received in real time at the central station with our exclusive scrolling list of live alarms). Enter/edit accounts, place accounts on/off test, track false alarms, setup automatic notification of events are just a few of the things you can do with MPower. MPower also has extensive reporting capabilities and many of the reports can be downloaded in spreadsheet, PDF format, or sent via email to you or your customers. Our team will give you and your staff personalized training on every aspect of our system to show you how you will be empowered by this invaluable tool. For your convenience while you are learning how to use MPower, many of our screens and tools have training video tutorials that walk you through various processes step-by-step and many of the fields have rollover "tool tips" that also give you helpful information. Click here to get the MPower product information sheet. Login to MPower by clicking the MPower button.

Mobile Dealer AccessMPower™ Me (Mobile Edition)
Many of the tools that are available on MPower are available in MPower Me!  Installation, service, and inspections have never been easier! Search accounts, view account history, place an account on test in 15 seconds, watch the signals you send in real time with our exclusive scrolling list of alarms, and more – all from the palm of your hand without making a single telephone call! When you're done, you can take your account off test in about 5 seconds. To watch a video of an account being placed on test in just 15 seconds, click here. Login to MPower Me at

Subscriber LoginMPower™ for Subscribers
MPower your customers by giving them 24/7/365 online access to their alarm history (and other features) from their PC, tablet, or smartphone!  Generic MPower for subscriber is branded with the COPS Logo and hosted at However, Private Label Subscriber Access looks and feels like your company is providing the service. Subscribers can login MPower by clicking the MPower for subscribers button.

Alarm Monitoring Subscriber AccessPrivate Label MPower™ Subscriber Access
Consumers have a high demand for connectivity and control using their smartphones. Now you can satisfy your customers' 'app'etite, instantly enhance your company image, and edge out your competition and by "MPowering" your customers with the type of customer tools that have only been offered by larger companies - until now!  Private Label MPower Subscriber access includes desktop, tablet, and smartphone access branded with your company logo & look - your customers never see the COPS branding! Give your customers the information and peace of mind that can increase customer satisfaction, reduce attrition, and increase referral sales! Access can also be grouped together so your customers with multiple locations can manage their accounts online using a single login. For those of you with large chain accounts, you can also brand access with your customer's logo! What a great added value to help you win that large bid!  For examples and more information, watch the short promo video here.. To get the product information sheet on Private Label Subscriber Access - Click here.