COPS Monitoring is the industry-leading and most advanced provider of wholesale alarm monitoring services.

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About our Alarm Monitoring Capabilities

COPS Monitoring specializes in many types of alarm monitoring and delivers professional service with industry-leading response times.

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From a technology and systems perspective, not all UL-listed central stations are created equal. In addition to the multiple redundant VMWare servers running our monitoring software at our headquarters, we have additional redundant servers in an off-site data center giving your data, and your company, an added layer of protection that other central stations just do not have.

Generations -  Advanced Alarm Monitoring Software Exclusively by COPS Monitoring

Generations™ is our exclusive UL-Listed monitoring software written and developed by our in-house staff of programmers for almost four decades. Unlike other central stations whose monitoring software is just a "part" of an off-the-shelf software package (monitoring, billing, service, etc.), Generations was developed with alarm monitoring as the core focus. Because we develop and maintain Generations ourselves, we are able to easily accommodate the next generation of emerging technologies and quickly tailor our system to the needs of our unique dealer base and their customers.

Wholesale Alarm Monitoring Services