COPS Monitoring is the industry-leading and most advanced provider of wholesale alarm monitoring services.

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Why you should choose COPS Monitoring

Since 1978, we built our foundation on helping independent alarm dealers like you be more successful by providing the best alarm monitoring possible augmented by intuitive tools and value-added services to help you run your business. Just as much of your business is centered on field operations such as selling, installing, and maintaining alarm equipment, our business is exclusively focused on you and our products and services are all designed to help your company thrive.

Today, we are the largest wholesale alarm monitoring provider in the United States monitoring over 2,800,000 accounts for more than 3,500 independent alarm dealers from our six hot redundant and load sharing central stations in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, and Texas, and Maryland. We are UL listed, FM approved, IQ certified, and have more TMA Five Diamond certified central stations than anyone in the industry.

Despite our size, our slogan Your Hometown Central Station means no matter how large or technologically advanced we have become, we are dedicated to maintaining a personable “hometown” level of professional service to which our dealers have grown accustomed for nearly four decades. This philosophy drives everything we do, including our decision to operate multiple regional central stations. As we open new offices, we hire local people giving us the opportunity to become more involved with our dealers and industry associations in the area so we can learn more about the benefits and challenges of each region. Our new local talent and information we gain helps us to identify and adopt best practices so that we may better serve you.

Still, our size and strength is important to you and your customers for four main reasons:

First, as we grow, so does our ability to serve our alarm dealers. Our large dealer and customer base that spans North America, Canada, and the Caribbean requires us to develop, maintain, and improve upon our robust industry-leading services, monitoring capabilities, and dealer tools like MPower that satisfy a wide array of alarm dealer needs and preferences. We have the unique ability to provide large company benefits while maintaining our "hometown" level of personal service.

Second, our six load-sharing centers are strategically located to give us the unparalleled ability to provide fast, efficient, and professional monitoring, even under the worst conditions. Operating multiple centers in geodiverse locations, not only gives our dealers backup in the event of unlikely equipment failures, it also decreases the probability that local conditions (such as blizzards, hurricanes, floods, etc.) could affect more than one of our central stations at a time. Therefore, in the event local conditions prevent our dispatchers from getting to work at one of our locations, we simply over-staff our other central stations to compensate. While local conditions usually increase the response times at other monitoring companies, we have proven time and time again that our multiple locations and staffing strategy work by consistently delivering desirable response times when our competitors cannot. Furthermore, our monitoring and other "mission critical" systems are also replicated in multiple locations. In addition to our two redundant VMware mainframes that monitor your accounts in our New Jersey headquarters, we also have two more redundant VMware mainframes in one of the world's largest and most reliable data centers (the SuperNAP) in Las Vegas. This is a level of reliability that other monitoring companies just don't have.

Third, we don't hire just anyone to be a dispatcher. The person handling your customers' alarms must have the right professional demeanor, temperament, skill set, and overall personality that is right for the job. Then, they must be thoroughly trained. That's why our rigorous recruiting, hiring, training, advancement, incentive, and quality assurance tools were all designed over several years under the direct supervision of an industrial psychologist. The programs are continually refined to ensure that we only hire and retain the very best people to serve you and your customers.

What attributes make the best dispatchers? It is a critical question because that dispatcher on the phone is representing your company! We believe to achieve excellence in service you must know how to identify, recruit, train, and retain people who demonstrate empathy, an understanding of confidentiality, a calm demeanor, a positive attitude, a strong sense of duty, and a desire to help others in their moment of need. Watch this video and imagine how a COPS Monitoring Dispatcher can make a difference safeguarding your customers, and upholding your hard-earned reputation. (Read more about the science behind maintaining the best dispatchers in the industry.)

Finally, we have been serving alarm dealers for over 40 years – regardless of your specialty, our specialty is monitoring for you. Other companies that offer wholesale monitoring also compete with your business. We do not sell, install, own any accounts, or compete with your business in any way, which means 100% of our success is dependent on our dealers' success. This is a dynamic that compels us to continually provide the best products and services to help our dealers prosper.

We are excited that you are investing your time visiting our site. We encourage you to take a look around and then contact us so that one of our Account Executives can tailor a monitoring package that specifically suits your needs and help you to further understand how COPS Monitoring is...

Leading the Industry – Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

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